24K Gold Hazelnut Bars

24K Gold Hazelnut Bars
A blingy chocolate and hazelnut confection to finish off your next festive feast.Rebecca Firth

This is an easy candy recipe that dazzles and brings a little bling to your holiday gatherings. The bars take just a few minutes on the stovetop, and you can walk away and put your feet up while they cool. Smear some melted white chocolate over the cooled tops, sprinkle with more hazelnuts, then sparingly apply some edible 24K gold leaf.

If the price of edible gold makes you balk, edible silver leaf is also available; apply using tweezers and light touch so that the precious metal retains a bit of flutter (when pressed down flat, silver leaf and aluminum foil look disappointingly similar). For less festive occasions, leave the precious metals off all together—the bars are beautiful, even without the bling.

Adapted from Rebecca Firth's book, The Cookie Book (Page Street Publishing Co., 2018)

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