Todd Coleman

12 savory and sweet dishes to bring good luck to the New Year.

Mary Hicks’s Corn Bread

In Helvetia, a Swiss enclave in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, corn bread is made with white cornmeal (yellow works too) and salt, not sugar. For the crispest crust, use an iron skillet greased liberally with bacon fat. **See the recipe for Mary Hick’s Corn Bread »**
Black-Eyed Pea Cornbread Unlike traditional corn bread, this version is soft and rich–more like a souffle or a spoon bread. See the recipe for Black-Eyed Pea Cornbread » Chris Granger
See the Recipe James Baigrie

Cucumber Salad with Black-Eyed Peas

This is one of the simplest recipes in Author Maya Kaimal’s Aunty Kamala’s repertoire, and it uses coconut three ways.
See the Recipe Christopher Hirsheimer
See the Recipe James Oseland

Crostini with Black-Eyed Peas, Radicchio, and Raisins

The appeal of this hors d’oeuvre, which prominently features luck-bearing black-eyed peas, comes from the bright contrast of earthy and tangy flavors.

Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar

Jalapeño Corn Bread

Skillet-cooked corn bread is a popular vaquero (Mexican cowboy) side dish. See the recipe for Jalapeño Corn Bread »

Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Curry Leaves

In this earthy legume stew, chickpea flour serves as a thickener and adds a nutty undertone.

Hoppin’ John Soup

This soup of black-eyed peas and rice, traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day in the American South, makes good use of leftover holiday ham scraps.

Piquant Corn Bread

Jalapeños and cilantro punch up classic cornbread.