Elegant Appetizers

16 polished starters, including caviar with blinis and bacon-wrapped dates.

Smoked Salmon with Taro Chips
SOUTH PACIFIC This beautiful appetizer was created at the former Ritz-Carlton Mauna Lani in Hawaii, where it was inspired by a local island kitchen and dressed up to create a "Ritzy" version of lomi-lomi salmon for the hotel's upscale clientele.Melanie Acevedo
Cheese and Smoked Ham in Puff Pastry
A mellow bechamel sauce balances the sharpness of the cheese and the smokiness of the ham in this classic Savoyard recipe. See the recipe for Cheese and Smoked Ham in Puff Pastry»Jean-Daniel Sudres/Scope
Prosciutto Rolls
These savory rolls have it all—salty prosciutto, sweet figs, and creamy goat cheese.Ben Fink
Southern-Style Gougeres
Gougeres (cheese puffs)--a traditional hors d'oeuvre served at French wine tastings--are enlivened here with a Southern twist. See the Southern-Style Gougeres RecipeBen Fink
See the RecipeJames Oseland
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Bacon Wrapped Dates with Almonds
At the Red Cat in New York City, these are a popular choice on the bar menu.Meredith Heuer
Caviar with Blinis
Blini are traditionally made with buckwheat flour but our recipe uses white flour for a lighter result. See the recipe for Caviar with Blinis»Michael Grimm
See the RecipeBen Fink
See the RecipeAndré Baranowski
Skewered Shrimp on Rosemary Branches
The strong presence of rosemary permeating briny, succulent shrimp, will dance with an herb-driven Hefeweizen. See the Skewered Shrimp on Rosemary Branches recipe » Back to Recipes to Pair with Hefeweizen Beer »Brian Doben
Ricotta and Honey on Toast
Ricotta Crostini with Chestnut Honey
Creamy ricotta, crusty bread, and sweet honey make for a perfect snack, morning, noon, or night.André Baranowski
Herbed Tomato Tart
Herbed Tomato Tart
Made with ripe cherry tomatoes and fragrant herbs, this tart is both delicious and beautiful.Todd Coleman
Toltott Tojas (Chicken Liver-Stuffed Eggs)
Halved hard-boiled eggs are a great vehicle for scoops of chopped liver. See the Toltott Tojas (Chicken Liver-Stuffed Eggs) Recipe
Landon Nordeman
Onion and Anchovy Tarts (Pissaladières)
Onion and Anchovy Tarts (Pissaladières)
Based on the classic French caramelized-onion tart with olives and anchovies, these little two-bite hors d'oeuvres pack a flavorful punch.Todd Coleman
Highland Oysters Mignonette
Oysters' aphrodisiac fame comes from their suggestive shape and briny flavor. Rumor has it that Casanova, the great 18th century Venetian lover, used to dine on 50 oysters a day.Todd Coleman
Leek and Zucchini Galette
This rustic summer galette, a perfect use for July and August's ubiquitous crop of zucchini, is brightened by a dollop of lemon-scented ricotta. See the recipe for Leek and Zucchini Galette »Leah Koenig
Callaloo and Cheddar Quiches
Callaloo and Cheddar Quiches
Jacqui Sinclair, food columnist for the Jamaica Observer, gave us the recipe for these mini brunch quiches made with callaloo, a spinach-like Jamaican green.Landon Nordeman
Goose Liver Terrines
Goose Liver Terrines
A tart Concord grape gelee offsets the richness of these goose liver terrines.Todd Coleman