Scrambled Eggs Recipes

Stir-fried with tomato, topped with shaved truffles, or wrapped up in a burrito, here are a dozen new ways of looking at the versatile scrambled egg.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Creamy-soft scrambled eggs require slow cooking over low heat. Drier ones call for a hot skillet, less stirring, and quicker cooking. The version explained here employs the slow-and-low approach, with butter, chives, and heavy cream added just before the eggs are done.

Joe’s Special

This San Francisco classic consists of egg, garlic, spinach, and ground beef.

Eggs and Scallions with Toasted Cassava Flour

Brazilians often toast cassava flour in butter to crisp it and deepen its color and flavor; sometimes they combine the resulting buttery farofa with eggs and onions, too. This dish, called Farofa de Ovo e Cebolinha, is based on one in Leticia Moreinos Schwartz’s The Brazilian Kitchen (Kyle Books, 2010).

Mexican-Style Scrambled Eggs (Huevos a la Mexicana)

This quick breakfast dish is made a la Mexicana with red tomatoes, white onion, and green jalapeño, ingredients that mirror the colors of the Mexican flag.

Stir-Fried Tomato and Eggs (Xihongshi Chao Jidan)

Salty-sweet tomatoes and fluffy eggs balance each other perfectly when paired together for a simple stir-fry.

Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles

Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles

Keppler’s Special

This breakfast dish is popular at the Sugar Shack, in Huntington beach.

Scrambled Eggs with Bread and Chorizo (Migas con Chorizo)

This Spanish-style egg scramble, made with spicy chorizo and chunks of olive oil-crisped bread, is as satisfying for dinner as it is for breakfast. Get the recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Bread and Chorizo (Migas con Chorizo) »

Scrambled Eggs and Matzo (Matzo Brei)

This dish is a version of one that Barbara Wand, a home cook in Newton, Massachusetts, makes for Passover; she usually serves it with jam or maple syrup.

Masa Cakes Stuffed With Eggs (Gorditas de Huevos)

These savory gorditas stuffed with chile-spiced scrambled eggs make a great breakfast meal or afternoon snack. Get the recipe for Masa Cakes Stuffed With Eggs (Gorditas de Huevos) »