Warm-Weather Beet Recipes

Although commonly associated with hearty fall and winter dishes, beets are widely available at farmers’ markets in the spring and summer, too. Here are some of our favorite warm-weather recipes for the earthy vegetable.

See the Recipe Ben Fink
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See the Recipe Ben Fink
See the Recipe Ben Fink

Beet and Goat Cheese Napoleons

These elegant appetizers come from Wolfgang Puck’s Los Angeles restaurant Spago. Laurie Ochoa wrote about the groundbreaking chef in “The King of LA,” part of our special Los Angeles issue (March 2010).

Smashed Beets with Goat Cheese

Sweet, seared beets are offset nicely by creamy and tart goat cheese.

Danish Smoked Herring, Beet, and Potato Salad (Sildesalat)

Danish smoked herring, beet, and potato salad is terrific on whole wheat.

Pupiņi un Biešu Salāti (Beet and Bean Salad)

Sour cream and tart pickles complement earthy beets in this salad made by home cook Maija Kalnina. See the recipe for Pupiņi un Biešu Salāti (Beet and Bean Salad) » Back to Riga Revisited »

Beet Lemonade

This hot pink lemonade gets its vibrant color and extra boost of sweetness from an unexpected source: beets.

Beet Ice Cream with Mascarpone, Orange Zest, and Poppy Seeds

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Columbus, OH has some of the most amazing flavors around. In this recipe, the addition of roasted beets and poppy seeds lends the end product a festive hue and a bit of crunch. ‪

Cold Beet Yogurt Soup

Earthy beets, cooked and chilled, and blended with yogurt, dill, and lemon, make for a bright, perfectly balanced borscht-inspired bowl.

Beet It

This fresh, bright cocktail marries beet juice with bourbon and Esprit de June, a floral liqueur distilled from grape blossoms that’s available at most high-end liquor stores.

Fermented Beets with Orange and Ginger

This recipe is inspired by rosl, a Jewish specialty from the Ukraine that calls for pickling beets in brine.

Beet “Tartare”

Earthy roasted beets are brightened by fresh orange zest and tangy balsamic for a clever appetizer, which looks beautiful presented in individual endive spears. To make this dish vegan, omit the Greek yogurt or use a non-dairy yogurt alternative.

Beets in Tart Cherry Sauce (Charkhlis Chogi)

Tart cherries bring sweet-sour flavor to this simple salad of herbs and roasted beets.

Farmer’s Salad with Beet Vinaigrette

This salad is topped with a bright thick sweet-tart pickled beet dressing. Get the recipe for Farmer’s Salad with Beet Vinaigrette »

Lentil and Beet Salad with Lavender-Mustard Vinaigrette

A honey-sweetened dressing of orange juice infused with lavender lends floral notes to a hearty lentil salad.

Misshapen beets make good ketchup

Beet Ketchup

Toast with Roasted Beet Dip, Smoked Salmon, and Watercress

Roasting beets and puréeing them with a little balsamic vinegar makes a sweet, earthy spread that’s a perfect base for slices of smoked salmon and peppery watercress.

Beet Raita

This cooling yogurt mix can be served as relish, dip, salad, or side.

Shredded Apple, Beet, and Carrot Salad

This stunning red salad gets its color from raw shredded beets, which mix with crunchy carrots and sweet-tart apples to make a crisp accompaniment for pork chops.