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  1. Grating fresh horseradish into the applesauce lends a much heartier kick than the store-bought kind — add it just before serving for the most heat. (Set some horseradish-free applesauce aside for kids and the spice-avoidant.)

  2. You can fry the latkes an hour or so ahead of time; keep them warm in a 250° oven until ready to serve. The modernist latke recipe can be made through step 2 several days in advance.

  3. If you're serving a large crowd, these recipes can all be easily doubled or tripled. Set everything out to serve buffet-style, with the sour cream, za'atar dip, and applesauce in bowls near the latkes for everyone to dress their own.

  4. Stocking a kosher bar for the party? Find out which spirits pass halachic muster — and which to steer clear of — in our guide to Drinking Kosher »

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