Reuben Sandwich

See the RecipeAndré Baranowski

Sloppy with sauerkraut, creamy russian dressing, swiss cheese, and folds of thinly sliced corned beef, the griddled, rye bread-clad reuben is the epitome of a New York Jewish-American delicatessen sandwich. Or is it? Although its invention is usually ascribed to Arnold Reuben, the proprietor of the old Manhattan deli Reuben's, many cite Reuben Kay, a wholesale grocer in Omaha, Nebraska—who supposedly made the eponymous sandwich for poker games at the Blackstone Hotel in the 1920s—as its creator. Either way, it's now an American mainstay. This recipe is based on one in Arthur Schwartz's New York City Food: An Opinionated History and More Than 100 Legendary Recipes (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2004).