How to Dip Chocolate Truffles

by0| PUBLISHED Feb 14, 2013 12:00 AM
How to Dip Chocolate Truffles

SAVEUR associate food editor Ben Mims has an easy trick for creating perfectly even chocolate coating on ganache truffles — no flat edges, no mess, just some toothpicks and styrofoam.

What you'll need:
A piece of styrofoam

How it works:
Shape the ganache truffles into balls.
Stab them with toothpicks, and stand them up on a piece of styrofoam.
Place the truffles in the freezer to set.
Melt the coating chocolate.
Dip the truffles in the chocolate, letting the excess run off.

Ganache truffles

Re-stab them into the styrofoam, and re-freeze to set.
Using your finger, dab a little bit of the melted chocolate into the hole from the toothpick.
Let the chocolate set before serving the truffles.