How to Get Perfect Lobster Rolls Without the Drive to a Seafood Shack

There’s nothing stopping you from bringing this taste of New England home

By Stacy Adimando

Published on June 9, 2017

Beautiful buttery Connecticut-style lobster rolls

While you certainly can trek out to a remote corner of the East Coast and pay upwards of $20 to devour a delicious, iconic lobster roll off a plastic patio chair with the warm ocean breeze in your hair, remember this: Anyone can make a truly perfect, succulent lobster roll at home—for about half the price.

The quintessence of summer dining, lobster rolls ought to be made with fresh, live lobster and, usually are served in one of two styles: Maine-style, which come chilled and dressed in mayonnaise and usually finely chopped celery and lemon; and Connecticut-style, which are drizzled in butter and served warm on a toasted bun. There are merits to both. But, because of this simple math—lobster tastes amazing with butter and butter tastes amazing with bread and salt—I lean toward simple, salt and butter-dressed Connecticut-style rolls as the reliable crowd-pleaser at home.

To create the ultimate Connecticut roll, bring these star ingredients together and resist adding much else that may distract from them. Start by steaming or boiling lobster with a generous amount of salt, a small palmful of black peppercorns, and a bay leaf if you have it. Then toss the cooked, pulled lobster meat briefly in melted butter seasoned with sea salt and a hint of paprika. Beyond this, a simple delicate leaf of butter lettuce for crunch and a sprinkling of chopped chives for brightness are all you need to garnish each roll.

You can eat two crisp, buttery rolls at home for the price of one out, and there won’t be a soul around to judge you.

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