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Ingredient Guide: Whiskey

Articles and Tasting Notes

  • The world's favorite spirit in a nutshell—spelling, styles, and more explained
  • Along with bourbon (corn-based, aged in charred barrels) and rye (made mainly from its namesake grain) are wheat-based and other corn whiskeys, as well as ones made from malted barley
  • Rock and Rye, an early barroom staple, made its way into the medicine cabinet during the temperance movement
  • An American spirit boldly comes of age
  • White Whiskey Punch
    Moonshine's place in the whiskey landscape is a matter of history and philosophy
  • History shows itself at four distilleries offering behind-the-scenes tours
  • Whiskies
    Without a proper introduction to the category, choosing an Irish Whiskey can be confusing—an easy way to pick is based on other whiskies you may already be familiar with
  • Japanese "scotch style" whiskeys have been made for 87 years—with some noteworthy differences
  • Exemplars of Scotch Whisky aged in Spanish sherry barrels come from the Macallan distillery along the Highlands' river Spey, which has been making a line of exclusively sherry-oaked whiskies since farmer Alexander Reid founded it in 1824
  • A barrel's char, construction, wood, and age are all pertinent factors which influence the properties of whiskey