Delicious Cold Weather Soups

Chase away the winter blues with these 6 recipes from SAVEUR magazine for delicious cold weather soups. Favorites recipes include French onion soup, potato soup, Peruvian chicken soup, minestrone, soupy black beans with dumplings, and twice-cooked Tuscan bean soup.

French Onion Soup

Braised onions, bread, and melted cheese are the main components of this timeless dish, which epitomizes the robust cuisine of Parisian brasseries. Get the recipe for French Onion Soup »

Kartoffelrahmsuppe (Spiced Potato Soup)

A creamy potato soup, fragrant with nutmeg and marjoram, gets a zesty kick from a grating of fresh horseradish root. After cooking, it’s whipped into a smooth, airy froth. See the recipe for Kartoffelrahmsuppe (Spiced Potato Soup) »
Typically made with day-old bread or breadsticks during the holidays, this northern Italian specialty comes out like a luscious casserole of melted cheese and bread.

Roasted Chicken, Corn, and Saffron Soup

Roasted Chicken, Corn, and Saffron Soup

Green Minestrone with Kohlrabi, Olives, and Spinach Pesto

The chef of Lucky Leek in Berlin, Germany, Josita Hartanto makes her minestrone with hearty kohlrabi and briny green olives. The soup is brightened by a fresh pesto, which is stirred in just before serving. Get the recipe for Green Minestrone with Kohlrabi, Olives, and Spinach Pesto »

Markklosschensuppe (Beef Marrow Dumpling Soup)

These German bread dumplings spiced with nutmeg are served in beef-marrow enriched broth for a warming winter soup. Get the recipe for Markklosschensuppe (Beef Marrow Dumpling Soup) »