Nutmeg Cocktails for the Holidays

The Pledge

In this easy-drinking beer cocktail, the concentrated raisin flavor of the sherry, the honeyed quality of the Benedictine liqueur, and the oatmeal stout add up to something like "breakfast in a glass." A sprinkling of sweet, spicy nutmeg seems completely appropriate in this context. Get the recipe for The Pledge »

Jamaican Punch

Throughout the Caribbean, rum punches flecked with nutmeg have been served steadily since the colonial era. Get the recipe for Jamaican Punch »

The Long Hello

The name of this cocktail references an obscure prog rock album from the 1970s, but the drink itself is an elegant champagne cocktail created for wedding toasts and, with the apple brandy and the St. Germain, perfect for cold weather. Get the recipe for The Long Hello »

Nutmeg Cocktails for the Holidays and Alpine Sour

Alpine Sour
The inspiration for this drink was a cocktail called the Trinidad Especial, which includes a full ounce of Angostura bitters. Boelte wondered, "How can I do something like this in the German-Austrian tradition, to reflect the menu at Prime Meats?" The answer: Asbach Uralt, a long-aged, full-bodied German brandy, and Underberg bitters, a German digestif that comes in adorable .75-oz bottles. Boelte has a friend who makes a delicious toasted orgeat syrup, but any orgeat will bring a floral fragrance and nutty almond quality to this warming combination of spice, sweetness, and toasty depth. Read the article on how Damon Boelte, bar director at Prime Meats, New York, uses nutmeg: Get the recipes for Nutmeg Cocktails for the Holidays and Alpine Sour »

Otto’s Sour

This gorgeously floral and spicy drink is built like a classic New York sour, with a float of red wine on top and aquavit in place of whiskey. Get the recipe for Otto's Sour »

The Trophy Wall

The sharp herbal finish provided by Fernet Branca balances the richness of this cream drink. Get the recipe for The Trophy Wall »

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