Pear Recipes

We love pears for their mild, floral sweetness

Mild and sweet with flavors that range from subtly citrusy to floral, juicy pears add a bright burst of sweetness to all kinds of sweet and savory fall dishes. From roast lamb and ravioli to tarte tatin and pie, we've rounded up our favorite pear recipes.

Pears are great for adding a touch of sweetness to savory dishes. Try serving beer-braised pork belly on a bed of arugula with caramelized pears. In our pear-marinated roast leg of lamb the fruit does double duty. Not only does it add flavor, but the enzymes in the pears actually tenderize the meat.

When it comes to dessert, we love simply poaching pears. Try poaching the fruit in a mixture of fernet, cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla bean and then reducing the liquid into a thick sauce. For a warming fall pie, combine pears with spicy ginger and top with a grumbly streusel.

Sweet pears are wonderful in cocktails. Our spiced pear collins mixes homemade pear puree and rosemary-clove simple syrup with gin and lemon juice, with a splash of sparkling wine adding effervescence. The Coup DeVille is made with pear-infused vodka, pear liqueur, honey, lemon juice, and prosecco.

Find all of these dishes, drinks, and more in our collection of pear recipes.

Poached Pears
Pear-Marinated Roast Leg of Lamb
Pear-Marinated Roast Leg of Lamb

The enzymes found in pears tenderize this roast lamb, while garlic and herbs add flavor. Get the recipe for Pear-Marinated Roast Leg of Lamb »

Beer-Braised Pork Belly
Beer-Braised Pork Belly Salad

This chile-rubbed, beer-braised pork belly is cooked until tender and served atop arugula and pears. Get the recipe for Beer-Braised Pork Belly Salad »

Endive and Roquefort Salad with Smoked Pepper Jelly and Hazelnuts
Endive and Roquefort Salad with Smoked Pepper Jelly and Hazelnuts

Green beans, herbs, endives, and pears are dressed in a sherry vinaigrette, sprinkled with Roquefort and toasted nuts, and drizzled with piquant pepper jelly in this salad from The Grain Store in London. Get the recipe for Endive and Roquefort Salad with Smoked Pepper Jelly and Hazelnuts »

Classic fall recipes Cacio e Pepe
Pear and Cheese Ravioli (Cacio e Pere)

Nothing says love like homemade pasta. Lidia Bastianich’s recipe mixes tender, sweet Bartlett pears with sharp pecorino and creamy mascarpone to make a rich filling for ravioli.

Pear and Ginger Pie
Pear and Ginger Pie with Streusel Topping

Fresh ginger gives the filling of this pear pie a warming kick of spice, balanced by the buttery crumble of sweet streusel.

Vanilla-Scented Quince and Pear Pie
Vanilla-Scented Quince and Pear Pie

Pear and quince are a match made in heaven; both are sweet, flavorful, and perfectly complimented by vanilla.

Spiced Pear Collins
Spiced Pear Collins

Pear purée, gin, and rosemary give this autumnal cocktail a crisp, woody sweetness, robust density, and sour, crackling effervescence. Get the recipe for Spiced Pear Collins

Coupe DeVille

To make this cocktail from bartender Keith Nelson of Manhattan’s Arlington Club, purchase pear-infused vodka or make your own by letting sliced ripe pears sit in vodka for at least two weeks.

Nuestra Casa
Nuestra Casa

The classic gin and tonic gets a seasonal twist from a splash of pear and allspice liqueurs.

Pear Haymaker
Pear Haymaker

Muddled pear adds a burst of fresh fall flavor to a sweet-tart cocktail.

Nelson Pear Pie
Nelson Pear Pie

This elegant pie from Drummond Ranch pie party contestant Gretchen Pierce features a filling of fresh pears drizzled with cream and sprinkled with sugar and flour.

Pickled Asian Pears with Lemon

Developed by cookbook author Karen Solomon, this tangy, piquant Asian pear pickle tastes great on its own, on a chicken sandwich, in an arugula salad, or paired with blue cheese. If you can’t find Asian pears, any kind of pear can be subbed in here; just look for specimens that are on the small side and rather firm. Get the recipe for Pickled Asian Pears with Lemon »

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