Holly Glyn Lynton

If you’re addicted to chocolate, then SAVEUR magazine has the cure with these chocolate dessert recipes. Recipes include black forest cherry torte, chocolate souffle, chocolate pudding, and several chocolate cake recipes.


Black Forest Cherry Torte

This German dessert got it right by combining two of our favorite ingredients-chocolate and cherries!

Chocolate Chile Gravy

This thick, spicy chocolate sauce is perfect spread on french toast or sliced, toasted bread. Get the recipe for Chocolate Chile Gravy »

Chocolate Ganache Tart with Sea Salt and Espresso Beans

Chocolate Ganache Tart with Sea Salt Espresso Beans

Olive Oil Hot Fudge

Olive oil subtly enhances this grown-up, not-too-sweet sundae topping from Portland’s Salt & Straw. Get the recipe for Olive Oil Hot Fudge »

Molten Chocolate Cakes

Intensely chocolatey with a molten truffle chocolate center, these small cakes are based on chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s signature dessert. Get the recipe for Molten Chocolate Cakes »

Very Moist Chocolate Layer Cake

Adapted from Robbin Gourley’s Cakewalk (Doubleday, 1994), this time-tested recipe for moist chocolate layer cake has a velvety crumb and rich chocolate icing—the perfect birthday treat for your favorite chocolate-lover. Get the recipe for Very Moist Chocolate Layer Cake »