Sweet and Savory Fondue Recipes

Back in the days of bell bottoms, ironed hair, and harvest gold kitchen appliances, fondue parties were all the rage. The 1970s have returned with a vengeance, and so, it would seem, has fondue. Here, 8 versions to try. See a primer on basic fondue ingredients »

Three Cheese Hennepin Fondue

Nutty Gruyere and Emmentaler are paired with sharp cheddar and Hennepin, a saison ale with a champagne-like effervescence and pleasant yeasty, slightly spicy flavor. See the recipe for Three Cheese Hennepin Fondue »Todd Coleman

Dark Chocolate Kahlua Fondue

Kahlua-spiced dark chocolate gets heat from cayenne pepper, yielding a dipping sauce that pairs perfectly with fresh-cut fruit and brownies, or poured over ice cream. See the recipe for Dark Chocolate Kahlua Fondue »André Baranowski

Fondue au Cremant (Fondue with Sparkling Wine)

Cognac and sparkling wine add sweet acidity to a garlic-infused mixture of Gruyere and Vacherin cheeses. **See the recipe for Fondue au Cremant »****Todd Coleman

Dopp i Gryta ("Dip in the Pot")

Simmering bay leaves, dill, and parsley in the reserved broth from a roast, such as Christmas ham, makes a savory dipping sauce for crusty country bread. **See the recipe for Dopp i Gryta »****Maxime Iattoni


Unlike classic French and Swiss fondues, Italian-style fonduta incorporates egg yolks and butter into a pot of richly pungent melted Fontina. See the recipe for Fonduta »Christopher Hirsheimer

Fondue Savoyarde

Fondue Savoyarde hails from the French Alps, where it's favored among skiers for its warming richness. Seasoned with fresh nutmeg, the nutty Gruye makes a fortifying meal for any cold weather afternoon--on or off the slopes. **See the recipe for Fondue Savoyarde »****Jean-Daniel Sudres/Scope

American Fondue

Our version of this dish is made with American cheese, American wine, and artisanal American cherry brandy. See the recipe for American Fondue »Christopher Hirsheimer

Classic Swiss Fondue

Velvety melted gruyere gets a boost from nutmeg and Kirsch--a cherry-based brandy--in this traditional recipe for Swiss fondue. **See the recipe for Classic Swiss Fondue »****Christopher Hirsheimer