Rock & Rye & Rum Punch
Rock & Rye & Rum Punch. Anna Stockwell

From pureed pear and gin to spicy bourbon ciders and pumpkin-infused wine, top off your autumn evenings with these 18 cocktail recipes.


Second Circle

Port, bourbon, and maple syrup come together in this cocktail, which has an intense color, depth of flavor, and a bit of a bite.

Dainty’s Cranberry Gimlet

This pucker-inducing cranberry twist on a Cosmopolitan, from Genna’s Lounge in Madison, Wisconsin, delivers striking color and the perfect balance of sweet and tart. See the recipe for Dainty’s Cranberry Gimlet »

Nuestra Casa

The classic gin and tonic gets a seasonal twist from a splash of pear and allspice liqueurs.

Spiced Pear Collins

Pear purée, gin, and rosemary give this autumnal cocktail a crisp, woody sweetness, robust density, and sour, crackling effervescence. Get the recipe for Spiced Pear Collins

Bourbon Cider

The spiciness of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger complement sweet apple cider and smoky bourbon to make a drink that’s perfect for fall. See the recipe for Bourbon Cider »

The Snakebite

The Snakebite—equal parts hard cider and stout—works best with a crisp, dry cider. Get the recipe for The Snakebite

Pumpkin Old Fashioned

Mingling the orange-scented old fashioned with subtly sweet pumpkin yields a brilliantly colored seasonal cocktail. Get the recipe for Pumpkin Old Fashioned »

Poinsettia Punch

This brightly spiced punch recipe includes gin, lemon juice, cinnamon syrup, and allspice dram.

Brown Derby

Named for the famous hat-shaped restaurant, this simple cocktail of bourbon and grapefruit was the signature drink at LA’s 1930s Vendome Club.

Cranberry Crush

Spiced rum and fiery ginger beer combine with tart cranberry juice in this flavorful cool-weather cocktail.

Beet It

This fresh, bright cocktail marries beet juice with bourbon and Esprit de June, a floral liqueur distilled from grape blossoms that’s available at most high-end liquor stores.

The Mr. Adams

This richly-hued beer-based cocktail, built on Sam Adams’s yeasty, fruity, fizzy Infinium brew, has a slow burn thanks to a rich black pepper syrup.

Pumpkin Mulled Wine

A spiced, pumpkin-infused wine is a cozy take on cold-weather flavors.

Hot Chai Toddy

Adding spiced black chai to a traditional hot toddy creates a warming, deeply-spiced, pleasantly tannic drink. See the recipe for Hot Chai Toddy »

The Canadian Cocktail

Spiced rum, with its notes of cloves, allspice, and vanilla, is complemented by the comforting fall flavors of spicy cinnamon, sweet maple syrup, and warming apple cider for a cocktail inspired by autumn in Toronto.

Chilled Cider Punch

This chilled cider punch combines the fall flavors of a mulled cider with the celebratory feel of a sparkling punch. Get the recipe for Chilled Cider Punch »

Autumn Bellini

Prosecco marries with richly spiced mulled cider and a splash of fig vodka in this fall drink.