Pisco Cocktails

Pisco—a white spirit made from fermented grape juice—is wonderfully flexible when it comes to mixing cocktails. With new and exciting piscos flooding the market, mixologists are discovering the spirit’s potential. Home bartenders, too, will find it intriguing in a classic pisco sour, substituted for vodka in a Tom Collins, swapped for tequila in a flowery margarita, or mixed into something completely new.

The Shaman

Leo Robitschek, bar director of The NoMad restaurant in New York City, pairs smoky mezcal and cinnamon syrup with floral pisco and fresh pineapple juice for this layered, tropical-style drink. Get the recipe for The Shaman »

The Lumberjack

Apple preserves and maple syrup add sweetness and body to this pisco cocktail from New York City mixologist Niccole Trzaska. See the recipe for Lumberjack »

Saffron and Cider

Exotic saffron bitters and apple cider add warm, earthy flavor to this pisco cocktail created by Litty Mathew of Greenbar Craft Distillery in Los Angeles. Get the recipe for Saffron and Cider

Pisco Sour

This 1920s Lima classic is topped with a frothy egg white. See the recipe for Pisco Sour »

Orchard and Vine

This elegant pisco cocktail comes from Meaghan Dorman of New York’s Raines Law Room.

Santa Rosa

Hibiscus, a Christmastime flower, adds holiday spirit to this fruity drink. See the recipe for Santa Rosa »

Getaway Car

Chris Lowder, bar manager at The NoMad Bar in New York City, pairs pisco with bourbon, gingery falernum syrup, and an herbal Italian liqueur for this frothy autumnal cocktail. See the recipe for Getaway Car »

Bizarre Love Triangle

Pear liqueur enhances pisco’s subtle sweetness in this complex libation from Matt Belanger, a bartender at Manhattan bar Pouring Ribbons. Get the recipe for Bizarre Love Triangle