An Egg and Cheese Bread That Will Float Your Boat

Go make khachapuri adjaruli, the Georgian flatbread best enjoyed by tearing pieces off the ends and dunking them into the melty cheese egg center

By Daryn Wright

Published on December 16, 2016

Khachapuri—cheese-stuffed bread—is the national dish of Georgia, and we can see why. Each region of the country has its own spin on the specialty, but we're especially smitten with the adjaruli version from Adjara, which essentially is a bread boat filled with melty cheese and soft egg. The best way to enjoy khachapuri is to tear off pieces of the bread and dunk it in the cheese and egg in the center. The dish has become very popular in post-Soviet states, and was a favorite street snack in Russia during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. While there are several variations on cheese and egg bread—including a version with potatoes and another with flaky pastry instead of flatbread—this one features a yeasted dough in the shape of a boat.

To really do it right, you'll need sulguni cheese, a Georgian product that melts like mozzarella but with a far more pronounced tang. But that's a hard one to find, even in Georgian communities, so we suggest substituting Muenster and feta instead. That and a little butter to set over the top of the bread after you crack an egg to heat gently over the bubbly cheese. In a Georgian home, each person may be expected to finish their own khachapuri before carrying on with the main courses. That's an admirable goal, but you'll more than get by with just a couple for a crowd.

Cheese and Egg Bread (Acharuli Khachapuri)
Georgian Cheese and Egg Bread (Acharuli Khachapuri)

Filled with melted cheese and topped with a runny egg, this flatbread is best eaten hot–tear off the crust and dunk it in the well of cheese and egg. Get the recipe for Cheese and Egg Bread (Acharuli Khachapuri) »

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