The Best Potato Dishes Come From Ireland

From colcannon to potato galette to tender potato bread, Irish cooks make the best potatoes

The humble potato has a special place in Irish food. All along the Emerald Isle’s coast, potatoes are incredibly versatile. Ireland’s potato recipes are hearty, filling, and comforting. Great for mashed potatoes, casseroles, and potato bread. Make easy St. Patrick’s Day recipes to bring to the potluck. We’ve rounded up our favorite Irish potato recipes here.

Haddock and Cheddar Mash

The haddock and cheddar mash at Dublin’s The Winding Stair restaurant represents the best of Ireland: sea, dairy, and spud. Get the recipe for Haddock and Cheddar Mash »

Potato and Spring Onion Soup

Though it may seem French inspired, this soup is based on two of the most basic vegetables of the traditional Irish diet and recalls the vegetable dish called champ—potatoes mashed with greens (often scallions). Get the recipe for Potato and Spring Onion Soup »

Irish Potato Galette

Simple to prepare, but sophisticated in look and taste, this dish is the perfect accompaniment to any entree. Get the recipe for Irish Potato Galette »


Leave it to the potato-loving Irish to dream up colcannon, spuds mashed with finely chopped cabbage and enriched with lots of cream. Get the recipe for Colcannon »

Irish Potato Bread

These squares of crispy potato flatbread are similar to potato farls, the fried potato bread that’s a traditional part of the Northern Irish breakfast known as an Ulster Fry. Get the recipe for Irish Potato Bread »

Corned Beef and Cabbage

The recipe for this traditional Irish dish calls for brining beef brisket for 5 days to “corn” it. If you want to omit this step, buy 5 lbs. of corned beef from your butcher and proceed to step two. Get the recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage »

Cabbage and Bacon Pie

In Ireland, the term bacon is used loosely; the meat in this casserole is actually ham. Get the recipe for Cabbage and Bacon Pie »