Get to Know Cheese-Filled, Egg-Topped Khachapuri

These Georgian breads—surprisingly easy to make at home—have won (and clogged) our hearts

byKatherine Craddock| PUBLISHED Mar 18, 2019 10:41 PM
Get to Know Cheese-Filled, Egg-Topped Khachapuri
Georgian Cheese Bread (Adjaruli Khachapuri). Matt Taylor-Gross

We've seldom met a stuffed bread we didn't love, and khachapuri—Georgia's national dish and the country's catch-all term for various breads filled with cheeses—is the latest and most tempting example.

Sometimes flat and chewy, other times tender and fluffy, khachapuri dough comes in many forms, and its myriad potential fillings are adapted and improvised all over Georgia. For months we've been turning out our own classic and creative variations from the test kitchen (nine kinds to be exact), but our favorite is one of the most traditional and recognizable: adjaruli khachapuri, a yeasted crust with a gooey filling of salty brined cheese, runny egg, and melted butter. While you may be tempted to eat one of these on your own, this one's meant to be shared and devoured as an appetizer by a hungry, carb-loving crowd.