9 No-Bake Truffles to Throw Together in Under an Hour

One-bite, super simple, and quick to make, truffles are the ultimate easy dessert

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on August 22, 2012

With few ingredients producing endless variations, truffles are the epitome of a minimum effort, maximum reward dessert. You can even melt the chocolate in the microwave—no stove or oven required. Pick from one of these nine variations, flavored with everything from earl grey tea to amaretti, to serve as a one-bite dessert at a cocktail party. Or, even better, make a few types. Just make sure to check out our video on the best way to dip truffles before you get dunking. You want the sprinkles and chopped nuts to end up on the truffles—not all over you and your kitchen.

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