Our Most-Pinned Cake Recipes

These cool cakes are hot on Pinterest

bySAVEUR Editors| PUBLISHED Jul 11, 2017 4:00 PM
Our Most-Pinned Cake Recipes
Matt Taylor-Gross

Looking for recipes to make this July? Why not try a celebratory cake at your next summer party? Our Pinterest users know a thing or two about good pastries, and they've made their voices heard on their favorite cakes, from classic cakes to birthday cakes, and even the fantastic baked Alaska.

Ready to start? Make sure you're armed with all the baking tools you'll need, and off you go! Here are our most-pinned cake recipes to try right now.

This impressive layer cake consists of 10 thin cake layers sandwiches with an old-fashioned chocolate fudge icing. Get the recipe for Classic Smith Island Cake »

With three colorful layers of ice cream domed atop a fudgy, flourless chocolate cake, our version of this retro dessert is a project perfect for celebrations. Get the recipe for Baked Alaska Flambé »

This version of the classic NOLA dessert combines a rich buttermilk cake with both lemon curd and chocolate fillings, surrounded by a vanilla German buttercream and ganache. Get the recipe for New Orleans Doberge Cake »

Smoky mezcal and bright pomelo zest flavor this airy, eggy chiffon cake, the perfect quick dessert. Get the recipe for Mezcal Chiffon Cake »

This elegant cake is soaked in a fragrant lemon syrup, perfumed by flower waters. The garnish is candied rose petals sprinkled with toasted coconut. Get the recipe for Semolina-Coconut Cake with Orange and Rose Waters »

Fresh mango, mixed into the base and fanned on top of this Senegalese pumpkin dessert adds a tropical brightness. Get the recipe Mango and Pumpkin Spice Cake »

Layer nutty whole wheat crêpes with delicate honey whipped cream for a light but impressive dessert. Get the recipe for Whole Wheat Mille Crêpe Cake »

At New York's Milk Bar, Christina Tosi makes this towering cake every spring, when sweet and tiny tristar strawberries are in season. This is by no means an everyday cake, but it's worth the work that you'll put in, and worthy of a special occasion. Get the recipe for Strawberry Lemon Cake »

Contributor Jamie Feldmar gave us this recipe for cinnamon and pecan-laced coffee cake; the original came from her grandmother's neighbor, and has been passed down through the women in her family. With a tender texture thanks to sour cream in the batter, it will stay moist for several days after baking, making it a great make-ahead dessert or breakfast. Get the recipe for Arlene's Coffee Cake »

Thick Italian meringue is sandwiched between moist layers of cake, which is topped off with sweetened shredded coconut in this recipe from chef Thomas Keller. Get the recipe for Thomas Keller's Coconut Cake »

This multilayered French dessert of baked almond meringue, buttercream, and rum-spiked whipped cream tastes best doused in a dark chocolate sauce and served with strong coffee to offset some of the sweetness of the cream layers. Not cutting the cake immediately after it's assembled helps to prevent the meringues from cracking while slicing through. Get the recipe for Mocha Dacquoise Cake »