Rice Cakes Stuffed with Coconut and Brown Sugar (Yi Bua)
Photography by Jason Lang

If You’re Already A Rice Pudding Expert, You’ve Got To Try Rice Pudding Ice Pops

Rice Pudding Ice Pops (Paletas de Arroz con Leche)

Ukuisu Mochi

For this dessert, from cookbook author Hiroko Shimbo, adzuki bean paste is wrapped in an extremely tender, sticky rice dough called gyūhi. The toasted green soybean flour that is dusted over the sweet is reminiscent of the revered bird, shaded in greens. Get the recipe for Hiroko Shimbo’s Ukuisu Mochi »

Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Indian Rice Pudding (Kheer)

Tamil-Style Sweet Rice Pudding

Sakkarai Pongal, Tamil-Style Rice Pudding »

Sombi (Coconut Rice Pudding)

More like a creamy porridge than a pudding in consistency, this sweet dish is commonly eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack in Senegal.

Lavender Rice Pudding with Pears

Lavender and delicately floral Bosc pears complement each other in this rich rice pudding, made fluffy and light with whipped cream. Get the recipe for Lavender Rice Pudding with Pears »

Korean Rice Cake

Korean rice cakes, known as songpyeon, are half moon-shaped dumplings that are stuffed with fillings like sweet potatoes, chestnuts, red beans, or nuts, and then steamed and served with honey. Get the recipe for Korean Rice Cake »

Banana-Coconut Packets

Coconut cream, sticky rice, and bananas are tucked inside banana leaves and steamed together for a pudding-like dessert. Get the recipe for Banana-Coconut Packets »

Calas (Fried Rice Fritters)

These sweet fried rice fritters are a traditional New Orleans treat. Get the recipe for Calas (Fried Rice Fritters) »