'Mpanatigghi (Sicilian Chocolate-Meat Cookies)

Caffè dell’Arte, Modica, Sicily

Modica's perplexing but delicious chocolate-meat cookies may be a descendent of Spanish empanadas.SAVEUR Editors

Thought to be derived from the Spanish tradition of empanadas, these half-moon-shaped Sicilian cookies found in Modica are filled with a surprising but delicious combination of the robust chocolate from the region, spices, and ground beef. Though the filling and dough are simple, finely chopped candied fruit, cinnamon and nutmeg, and sugar help the finished cookies skew mostly sweet and only lightly savory—ideal for enjoying with a cup of coffee. A small window etched into the top of each shows off the unusual filling, though tasting them is the only way to fully comprehend their unique flavor and texture.

This version of the recipe from Caffè dell’Arte in Modica was translated by Coral Sisk.

What You Will Need