The Complete SAVEUR Guide to All Things Cheesy

Your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about cheese, from the cheesiest recipes to the best dairy adventures around the world

Is there anything more universally loved than cheese? We’re going to have to say no. All over the world, people are cooking up hearty mac and cheeses, bready khachapuri, and perfect pizzas every day. And not everything is a complicated baked dish: some of us are making drool-worthy cheese plates, and obviously we will never say it’s a bad idea to just eat cheese on its own.

Because of our well-documented love for all things gooey and delicious, we’re partnering up with Proudly Wisconsin Cheese to bring you this extremely cheesy hub. Check out recipes from cheesecake to Swiss cheese soup, and discover the lengths we travel for cheese, from Finland and Massachusetts to Greece and beyond. And of course, stay tuned for new cheesy recipes from our latest issues. Trust us, you’ll want to bookmark this one.

Recipes for Cheese Lovers

Can’t get enough cheese for every course? Same here. These are some of our favorites, from rich and delicious cheesecakes to perfectly poppable truffles.

Entertaining with Cheese

Cheese Adventures

Choose Your Cheese

There are so many great kinds of cheese out there. We’re breaking down recipes for our favorites, from goat to blue.

Start Cooking with Cheese