Menu: A Senegalese Feast

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  1. For more about where to find some of the ingredients used in these dishes, see our Senegalese Shopping List »

  2. Make-ahead tips: the chile sauce, peanut butter for the stew, and black-eyed pea salad can all be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator. The black-eyed peas for the fritters require at least 8 hours of soaking time before cooking.

  3. Okra features prominently in many Senegalese dishes like Mafe Ginaar. For cooks from Nigeria to Texas, this unusual vegetable is a treasured ingredient and a reminder of home.

  4. For more on Senegal's cuisine, see our article A Feast for All »

  5. Enjoy a soundtrack of Senegalese and other African music with dinner— just hop on over to our Senegal playlist on Spotify »

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