Need a lot of pomegranate seeds for a salad or a dessert? Buying pre-seeded pomegranate is simple, but terribly expensive, and de-seeding a pomegranate can be a messy and difficult task if you do it the standard way. But move the process under water, and you’ll keep things clean and easy: the pith floats to the top, the heavy seeds fall to the bottom, and your hands stay stain-free.

What you’ll need

• A pomegranate
• A knife
• A large bowl
• Water
• A colander

How it works

First, fill a large bowl with water. Then, quarter the pomegranate, and place one of the quarters under the water. Pull apart the skin, and gently nudge the seeds out. Pieces of skin will float to the top, so pour these off with some of the water into the sink. Pour the pomegranate seeds into a colander to drain off the rest of the water.


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