Piccolo Pete's Prime Rib
Prime rib is a beloved Omaha steakhouse specialty. One of our favorite versions comes from Piccolo Pete's, where the meat is rubbed with Italian spices and blasted with high heat to form a flavorful crust. Get the recipe for Piccolo Pete's Prime Rib ». Ariana Lindquist
Steakhouse Dinner Menu
Ariana Lindquist/James Oseland/André Baranowski

Original Dry Martini

A London dry gin can stand up to a lot more vermouth than you might suspect. The original 1910s-era formula for this iconic drink demonstrates that fact elegantly.

The Menu

More About This Menu

  1. Start this menu the day before: The beans for the soup need to soak overnight, and the cheesecake should be made and baked a day ahead, as well—after it cools, it needs an additional 8 hours in the refrigerator to finish setting.
  2. Many of these recipes come from Piccolo Pete’s and Anthony’s Steakhouse in Omaha, Nebraska. For more about Omaha steakhouses, see Betsy Andrews’ story Here’s the Beef from our August/September 2013 special issue on America’s Heartland.
  3. We like the flavor profile of London dry or Plymouth gin for a classic dry martini. For more about the spirit, see our guide to styles of gin »
  4. Slicing into a juicy steak is part of the pleasure of eating it—see our 6 favorite knives for the job »