Menu: A Heartland Harvest Thanksgiving

Mary Sue Milliken, chef at Border Grill in Los Angeles, travels each Thanksgiving to her mother-in-law's Kansas home, where an army of family members helps her cook the fabled yearly feast. Recreate her favorite dishes with this menu, including a crisp-skinned roast turkey with celery-root stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes enriched with crème fraîche and butter, quick-pickled shallots sautéed with green beans, a warm and decadent chestnut compote, sweet pear and ginger pie with a hint of spice, and more.

Border Grill Bloody Mary

The Menu

More About This Menu

  1. Serve the bloody marys with a crudité platter during prep time the day of the big meal. A quail-egg garnish and chopped crispy bacon paired with celery salt on the rim of the glass make the drink a great combination cocktail and appetizer, while simple sliced veggies will rev appetites without weighing anyone down.
  2. Sweet-tart purple cabbage is a light accompaniment to other, richer side dishes, but is even better on a day-after-Thanksgiving sandwich on toasted bread with mayonnaise, turkey, and lettuce.
  3. You can prep a large portion of the meal the day before, placing casseroles in the fridge or freezer. On the day-of, make sure each dish has enough time to come to room temperature before going back in the oven for the most even reheating and browning.
  4. All of the recipes featured here first appeared in the article State of Grace from Issue #160.
  5. For a step-by-step guide to preparing this menu, see our illustrated game plan »

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