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Hungarian stuffed cabbage
Hungarian stuffed cabbage

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  1. Paprika was introduced to Hungary by Turkish invaders in the early 1500s, then adopted by locals when the chile peppers (which are dried and ground) thrived in Hungary's mineral-rich soil and sunny climate. A pillar of local cooking, it comes in pastes and powders both sweet and hot. Get to know all the varieties and the best ways to use them with our guide to Hungarian paprika »
  2. Diólikőr is a sweet and bitter apertif made from young, green walnuts steeped with sugar, alcohol, and spices for 40 days. You can make it yourself, but if you'd rather not wait, you can purchase it at
  3. The plum cake is best served at room temperature, so prepare it with enough time to cool before serving. If you don't have plums on hand, any seasonal fruit can be substituted.
  4. To learn more about Hungarian home cooking, see Carolyn Bánfalvi's story Rhapsody in Red »

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