Thomas Keller's Thanksgiving Feast

Menu: Thomas Keller's Thanksgiving Feast

Menu: Thomas Keller's Thanksgiving Feast

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Macaroni au Gratin

The foundation of this creamy casserole is a classic mornay sauce, a béchamel sauce to which cheese has been added—in this case, comté, a French cheese with a complex, nutty flavor that melts beautifully. With lots of freshly grated nutmeg to season it and a golden, crunchy breadcrumb topping, it’s a luscious, satisfying side dish for the Thanksgiving table. The dish comes from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro, in the Napa Valley, where the staff makes it as part of their annual Thanksgiving dinner for veterans and their families. See the recipe for Macaroni au Gratin »Ingalls Photography

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  1. Make the apple-cranberry relish up to two days in advance and store it in the refrigerator. If you choose to serve it at room temperature, take it out of the fridge thirty minutes before serving.
  2. See our step-by-step guide to making turkey thigh roulades.
  3. You can prepare the sweet potato puree a day in advance: once you've processed the sweet potato-mascarpone mixture, store in the fridge. Shortly before serving, top with the marshmallows and broil.
  4. For more about Bouchon Bistro's Thanksgiving feast, read Thomas Keller's story Holiday for the Heroes.
  5. The apple pie is enriched with apple butter: a rich concoction of sweet, dark apples caramelized from hours of slow baking. While you can use storebought, for full effect, make your own.