Our 10 Best New Years Cocktails For A Midnight Toast

Send 2018 out with a bang (okay, a bubble)

New Year's cocktails are the perfect way to ring in the new year. Bubbly champagne and prosecco make bright New Year's cocktails that are perfect alongside small bites. We've rounded up our favorite ways to celebrate the new year here.

Blooming Champagne Cocktail
Hibiscus rose champagne cocktail
A single hibiscus flower scented with a drop or two of rose water turns a simple glass of sparkling wine into a show-stopping cocktail. Get the recipe for the Blooming Champagne Cocktail »Laura Sant
Crab Apple Liqueur with Cinnamon
crab apple liqueur with cinnamon
Goldschläger's far subtler (but still gold-flecked) relative, this after-dinner sipper has sweetness, a cinnamon aroma, and an apple finish. Crab apples, which can be dropped in whole to steep, are ideal due to their low water content. "If you're from somewhere warmer and your crab apples are not as tart," says Joe Beef's Red Morin, "add a splash of good cider vinegar at the end." Get the recipe for Crab Apple Liqueur with Cinnamon »Christina Holmes
Golden Chrysanthemum
Golden Chrysanthemum Champagne Cocktail
Tokyo native Kenta Goto pays tribute to the beloved Japanese golden chrysanthemum flower with this amber, pear-flavored Champagne elixir. Get the recipe for Golden Chrysanthemum »Matt Taylor-Gross
Violent Fairytales
Cachaca Violent Fairy Tales Cocktail
A dash of sparkling wine gives this cocktail a bright finish. Get the recipe for Violent Fairytales »Matt Taylor-Gross
Lose Your Shoes Cocktail
Champagne Cocktails
Bartender Kaiko Tulloch riffs on the Champagne cocktail with a more floral and herbal version at Lucky Liquor Co. in Edinburgh. The name for the dangerously delicious drink comes from a customer who claimed she would lose her shoes if she had a couple more. Get the recipe for Lose Your Shoes Cocktail »Matt Taylor-Gross
Pear and Port Cocktail
Candelaria Champagne Cocktail
Pear, citrus, and herbal flavors meld together for this fruity, Champagne-topped cocktail. Get the recipe for Pear and Port Cocktail »Matt Taylor-Gross
Prosecco, Honey, and Lime Cocktail
The Anvil Champagne Cocktail
In this refreshing take on classic tiki drink The Airmail—a prosecco cocktail featuring honey syrup and lime—head bartender Alba Huerta at Julep in Houston replaces the rum with gin and adds pineapple juice and fresh dill for a savory twist. Get the recipe for Prosecco, Honey, and Lime Cocktail »Matt Taylor-Gross