Our 14 Best Porridge Recipes from Around the World

Hot cereal never sounded so appetizing

Sometimes, there’s nothing you want more than a warm bowl of mush. After all, the temptation of this hot cereal almost got Goldilocks killed. And despite appearances, porridge doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Once you have your grain base, you can go wild with toppings, whether it’s woodsy mushrooms or sweet coconuts. A bowl of warm porridge is perfect for your next fall breakfast or can be a handy recipe for when you want to use that last bit of butternut squash this season. Whether you’re searching for a simple morning meal or a chance to experience the way other cultures eat breakfast, our best porridge recipes might have you craving mush every morning.

In Minnesota’s “Finnish Triangle,” vispipuuro, a sweet, whipped, pudding-like porridge, is sometimes made with a tart wild fruit called the highbush cranberry. Get the recipe for Finnish Whipped Porridge with Yogurt Cream (Vispipuuro)

Turkey Congee

Turkey Congee

Cracked-Wheat Porridge with Hen of the Woods Mushrooms and Turnip-Top Salsa

Cracked Wheat Porridge with Mushrooms

Spiced Buttermilk Oatmeal with Dried Fruit and Pecans

Spices including cardamom, star anise, and ginger jazz up a morning oatmeal. Mix the dry ingredients ahead of time for an easier camp-side breakfast. Get the recipe for Spiced Buttermilk Oatmeal with Dried Fruit and Pecans »

Coconut Rice Pudding (Sombi)

More like a creamy porridge than a pudding in consistency, this sweet dish is commonly eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack in Senegal.



Jamaican Hominy Porridge

Dried hominy takes hours of cooking, but it yields a luscious porridge.

Coconut Bread with Cassava Porridge »

The quintessential Garifuna breakfast consists of yeasty coconut bread and a warming porridge made with cassava flour.

Pumpkin Halvah (Assidat al-Boubar)

Like many traditional Emirati desserts, luscious pumpkin porridge (in Arabic it’s a halvah, or sweet food) straddles the line between sweet and savory. The dish thickens as it cools, so be sure to serve it while it’s still quite warm.

Rice Porridge with Chicken and Ginger (Arroz Caldo)

Rice Porridge with Chicken and Ginger (Arroz Caldo)

Omani Chicken and Rice Porridge (Madrouba)

Fragrant with spices and soft from overcooked rice, this Middle Eastern porridge is perfect comfort food. Get the recipe for Omani Chicken and Rice Porridge (Madrouba) »
This offering made to a Hindu deity is seasoned with jaggery (unrefined palm sugar) and coconut. Get the recipe for Indian Sweet Coconut Porridge (Pongala)

Spiced Chicken and Wheat Porridge (H’riss)

This deeply satisfying dish of spiced meat and creamy wheat berries is most often made with lamb, but it’s particularly delicious when made with chicken.