Stop Ignoring Chestnuts and Make These Excellent Tortellini

Chestnut purée and ricotta make a delightfully fluffy and flavorful pasta filling

By Daryn Wright

Published on December 30, 2016

Chestnuts, the oft-forgotten sibling to cashews and walnuts, can be enjoyed in more ways than just roasted from a paper bag. We've been really into chestnuts around here lately, whether they're baked into a pie or are puréed into a chestnut pudding with nutmeg whipped Cream, there is no shortage of ways to eat them, often in unexpected ways. But these chestnut tortellini may be the ingredient's crowning achievement.

The dough is made from a mixture of all-purpose flour and subtly sweet chestnut flour, while the filling is a blended mixture of rich and savory chestnut purée and fluffy ricotta. Keep the sauce simple with an easy combination of butter, minced shallot, lemon, and sage, which bolsters the chestnut pasta but doesn’t overpower it. It’s the ideal project for a cold winter afternoon when you don’t really want to go outside. You can freeze them on a baking sheet, then, once frozen, store them in resealable bags and enjoy them all winter long.

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