A Scandinavian Julbord Christmas


Herring and Beet Salad

This Swedish dish is a Christmas classic.
Julskinka is a boiled ham that cooks in an aromatic soup and is then glazed and topped with breadcrumbs.

Dip-in-the-Pot (Dopp i Gryta)

This fondue-like dip made from reduced ham broth is a Swedish Christmas favorite.
Jansson’s Temptation “It’s not a creamy gratin, it’s more of a rich gratin,” says Jernmark of this traditional Swedish side that pairs spiced anchovies with potatoes, onions, and cream. “Everyone makes a different version, but this is fairly traditional.” See the recipe for Jansson’s Temptation » Go back to A Scandinavian Julbord Christmas » Maxime Iattoni

Glögg (Spiced Wine)

The secret ingredient to this version of a classic is Indonesian long pepper, which is not as unusual a Scandinavian ingredient as it might sound. Long peppers were one of the first things that Sweden brought back when the Dutch East India Company established trade in 1602.