Sandwiches and salads, both seen as fancy foods, became so closely associated with each other in the Victorian period that it was inevitable that they would end up together.


Danish Smoked Herring, Beet, and Potato Salad (Sildesalat)

Danish smoked herring, beet, and potato salad is terrific on whole wheat.

Lobster Salad

Chef Jasper White’s lobster salad, a version of New England’s lobster roll filling, gets crunch from scallions and cucumber.
Eisenberg’s Egg Salad At Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop in New York city, egg salad takes its purest form: simply eggs and mayonnaise. See the recipe for Eisenberg’s Egg Salad » Back to Salad Days » Michael Kraus

Russian Egg and Mushroom Salad (Salat iz Yaits i Gribov)

Dill and dijon mustard add tang to Russian egg and mushroom salad, which is delicious on sourdough rye.

Neiman Marcus Chicken Salad

Neiman Marcus Chicken Salad, a classic department-store lunch item, gains richness from grapes, almonds, and a whipped cream dressing.
Blue Ribbon’s Tuna Salad Capers and red onion lend piquancy to the tuna salad at Manhattan’s Blue Ribbon Bakery. See the recipe for Blue Ribbon’s Tuna Salad » Back to Salad Days » Michael Kraus
Grilled and smoked shrimp are bound by a spicy cream cheese dressing in the Cajun shrimp salad at Hoover’s Cooking in Austin. Get the recipe for Cajun Shrimp Salad »
Katz’s Chopped Liver New York City’s Katz’s chopped liver, made with both chicken and beef livers, gains its silky texture from the addition of schmaltz. See the recipe for Katz’s Chopped Liver » Back to Salad Days » Michael Kraus

Coronation Chicken Salad

Made for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation lunch in 1953, this curry powder- and mango chutney-laced chicken salad has been wildly popular in Britain ever since.

Southern Ham Salad

Southern ham salad is spiked with pickles and celery.