Before she bakes them in an old-fashioned stoneware bean pot, Alabama native Sandy Ivey enlivens her beans with juice from her "under the sink" homemade sweet pickles. Michael Piazza

Corn bread, corn relish, baked beans, potato salad, and cole slaw are a few of the 10 recipes for simple side dishes from SAVEUR magazine.


Cheesy Corn Casserole

Baked with cheese and bacon, this warm corn casserole is sure to go quick at any holiday buffet.

New England-Style Baked Beans

Flavored with molasses, maple syrup, and rum, the classic New England bean dish is simple to prepare; all it takes is time. Serve it with hearty brown bread to mop up its flavorful sauce.

Warm Red Potato Salad

Tender grilled red-skinned potatoes are doused in herb vinaigrette in this warm salad.. See the recipe for Warm Red Potato Salad »

Coconut Rice and Red Beans

If you prefer, you can use canned red kidney beans in this satisfying side dish, served alongside Braised Oxtail with Butter Beans. Simply skip the first step and rinse one 15-oz. can of beans before adding them to the pan in step two.

Piquant Cornbread

Assistant editor Anna Stockwell adapted the Piquant Corn Bread recipe that originally appeared in issue 133 to be gluten-free so she could serve it for a summer picnic.

Tennessee-Style Mustard Coleslaw

The classic mayonnaise-based coleslaw cabbage recipe is bolstered here by the addition of mustard. Get the recipe for Tennessee-Style Mustard Coleslaw »

Greek Pasta Salad

Tangy feta and crunchy veggies get extra body from rotini in this classic Greek-inspired pasta salad. Get the recipe for Greek Pasta Salad »

Charred Cabbage Slaw

In this offbeat slaw from chef Chris Shepherd of Underbelly in Houston, raw red cabbage adds a textural contrast to the grilled green cabbage, and a zippy, spicy-sweet-salty dressing goes well with the charred bits. Get the recipe for Charred Cabbage Slaw »

Cobb Salad

SOUTHWEST, U.S. Los Angeles’s Brown Derby closed its doors long ago, but this classic salad, invented in 1937 by the restaurant’s owner, Robert H. Cobb, lives on. See the recipe for Cobb Salad »**

Hearts Of Palm and Avocado Salad

Hearts Of Palm and Avocado Salad