Gjetost—pronounced YAY-toost—looks less like cheese than caramel fudge. The dairy pride of Norway is coffee-brown and comes in a rectlinear block with a seal imprinted in its surface. So Amy Thielen, Saveur contributor and cookbook author, decided to treat it like dessert with this: a crème brûlée with a fancy name—Gjetost Burnt Cream—but that tastes as American as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The cheese is grated into slivers, then whisked into a pan of hot cream, milk, brown sugar, and butter. A few spoonfuls of fruit compote go in the bottom of a ramekin, then the gjetoost cream, then a sprinkling of sugar that gets brûléed until hard and crackly. Nutty, caramelized, and with a surprise of jam at the bottom, the dessert is like an after-school pudding cup crossed with a peanut butter and jelly—the perfect fudgy snack you’ll want to make, well, all the time.

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