Turkey 101

These helpful tips will make sure that you and your family have the moist succulent and flavorful bird possible.

There’s nothing quite as iconic as a Thanksgiving turkey when it comes to American traditions. With a bronzed, crisp-skinned exterior, and juicy, tender interior, this noble bird is the classic centerpiece of every holiday table. Prepare the perfect bird this Thanksgiving with the following techniques, tips, and recipes vetted by the SAVEUR test kitchen.

• How to pick and buy a turkey »
• How to find heritage turkeys and how to cook them »
• How to truss a turkey the French way »
• How to brine a turkey »
• How to roast the perfect turkey »
• How to grill a turkey »
• How to cook choucroute garnie turkey »
• How to brine, stuff, and roast, a turkey »
• How to braise turkey breast in Mexican Mole »
• How to roast in eight pieces »
• How to get a crispier skin »
• How to get more flavorful meat »
• How to cook turkey in individual portions »
• How to stuff a turkey breast »
• How to make an all-natural roasting rack »
• How to carve a turkey in six easy steps »
• How to use leftover turkey »