How to Peel and De-vein Shrimp

When cooking with shrimp, most recipes call for removing the tough outer shell and dark vein running down the center of the shrimp before using—although it’s not dangerous to eat, the vein is often filled with unappetizing grit. Peeling and de-veining shrimp can be a messy, time-consuming hassle, but associate test kitchen director Judy Haubert has a quick and easy method for doing it in just one easy cut.

How to Peel and De-vein Shrimp
How to Peel and De-vein Shrimp Saveur


• Pair of kitchen shears
• Folded paper towel
• Bowl (for clean shrimp)


1. Holding the shrimp firmly between your thumb and forefinger, make a shallow cut through the outer shell. Using your thumbs, peel the shell and legs away.

2. With the tip of your shears, lift out the dark vein and discard it on the paper towel. Place clean shrimp in bowl. When finished, shrimp is ready to marinate, pickle, grill, or serve in shrimp cocktail.


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