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From sharp Dijons to the standard bright yellow French’s, mustard has a way of entertaining the palate from start to finish. Here are 28 recipes that incorporate our favorite fridge staple, from braised chicken to bright salads, tender roasted vegetables, and more.

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Frying whole spices to release their flavor–a technique known in many parts of India as baghar–is crucial to developing the flavors in this simple dish of cauliflower and tomato. See the recipe for Curried Cauliflower with Tomatoes »

Gujarati Cabbage

Simple shredded cabbage is transformed into a fragrant side dish with the addition of cilantro, lime, and an array of spices including turmeric and cumin.
This recipe for rabbit cooked in tangy mustard sauce comes from David Tanis, a chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California.

Pavés du Mail (Pan-Fried Steaks with Mustard Cream Sauce)

After frying these steaks, the pan drippings make an excellent base for a cognac-laced mustard cream sauce.

Crab Maison

A popular appetizer at Galatoire’s restaurant in New Orleans, this light and satisfying salad is a great lunch with crusty French bread.

Creamy Potato Salad with Red Onion

This cool, creamy, classic potato salad is spiked with pickle relish and red onion.

Tennessee-Style Mustard Coleslaw

Classic mayonnaise-based coleslaw is bolstered here by the addition of mustard.

Salmon in Bengali Mustard Sauce

For this recipe, skinless salmon filets are cooked in a spice-filled mustard sauce.

Crispy Calamari with Pesto Mayonnaise

Chef Jim Leiken of DBGB in New York City serves pesto-spiked mayonnaise as a dipping sauce for fried calamari, cauliflower, and chickpeas.

Indian-Style Carrots With Mustard Seeds (Carrot Kari)

These carrots are stewed long enough to concentrate their sweetness; mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chiles provide warm and earthy notes.

Beer-Battered Onion Rings

A flavorful batter infused with honey, paprika, and lager beer is the secret to these crunchy onion rings. Get the recipe for Beer-Battered Onion Rings »

Baby Back Ribs

We cook these meaty ribs using indirect heat, meaning not directly over the coals. That way, the meat is infused with pure wood smoke rather than with smoke from fat dripping on the coals. Get the recipe for Baby Back Ribs »
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Celery Root Rémoulade

This Parisian bistro staple salad of crisp, raw celery root tossed in a briny mustard aioli makes for a quick and elegant side dish.

St. Dill Martini

With mustard seeds, dill sprigs, and a snappy kosher dill set in vodka, the St. Dill is a twist on the classic dirty martini.

Mustard and White Wine Braised Chicken

An adaptation of a regional French classic, this version swaps out the traditional Dijon in favor of a grainy, seeded mustard.

Jude’s Perfect Potato Salad

A healthy dose of celery seeds and sharp Dijon mustard add a kick to this mashed potato and egg salad. Get the recipe for Jude’s Perfect Potato Salad »

Lentil and Beet Salad with Lavender-Mustard Vinaigrette

A honey-sweetened dressing of orange juice infused with lavender lends floral notes to a hearty lentil salad.

Egg-Topped Ham and Cheese Sandwich (Croque Tartine Parisienne)

A fried egg crowns a decadent sandwich of ham enrobed in bechamel and melted cheese from Oklahoma City’s Ludivine restaurant.
A vinaigrette made with roasted garlic and bacon adds salty, savory flavor to a classic caprese salad.