Menu: A Soup Dumpling Dinner Party

Hold dumpling in one hand, put tip of index finger of your other hand in center of pleated dough, then gently twist pleats shut, removing index finger as you twist, to completely encase filling.

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  1. The magic of the soup dumpling involves using a gelatin-rich stock that is solid when cool, which then liquefies when heated into a rich, meaty broth. Make the filling a day ahead and allow it to set in the fridge, then follow our step-by-step guide to shaping the dumplings.
  2. The daikon cakes need time to chill after they're steamed, so we recommend making them the day before and refrigerating them overnight (or freezing them for 30 minutes after steaming, if you are pressed for time). This helps them keep their shape when sliced and pan-fried.
  3. We love bok choy for its delicate, sweet flavor, but you can substitute choy sum, tatsoi, or any other type of green you like in the stir-fry. See our guide to Asian greens »
  4. The type of tea you use will determine the best method for brewing. See how to make the perfect pot of Chinese tea »
  5. We learned how to make scallion pancakes from a master, celebrated chef Martin Yan, best known for his decades-long run hosting the international hit television show Yan Can Cook. Watch our video of Martin Yan making scallion pancakes »