Pumpkin and Squash Mains

Sweet, substantial winter squash can be the perfect center of a meal—or a hearty addition to other seasonal main dishes. Use it to add heft to vegetarian curries and soups, or as a sweet, silky filling for ravioli.

See the Recipe Paolo Destefanis
See the Recipe André Baranowski

Risotto di Zucca, Porri, e Vongole (Risotto with Butternut Squash, Leeks, and Clams)

The secret of good Italian home cooking resides in the ingredients themselves. This recipe, from Marcella Hazen, reflects the philosophy perfectly.
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Chicken with Pumpkin Seed Sauce

A much loved dish in Mexico’s Yucatán, this version has sesame seeds, pistachio nuts, and tomatillos. We suggest a glass of full-bodied white wine, such as a rich Chardonnay, to marry the flavors.
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Pumpkin Soup in a Pumpkin

This recipe proves that the flesh isn’t just for pies but makes a delicious soup as well. We found it best to use a heavy pumpkin, with thick flesh that keeps it intact during baking. See the recipe for Pumpkin Soup in a Pumpkin »
A simple spiced filling of acorn squash and and parmesan complement delicate, hand-formed pasta. Get the recipe for Lina’s Tortelli »

Light Mussel and Pumpkin Soup

Don’t try to make this elegant soup with Halloween pumpkins. Instead, try kabocha squash, or Cinderella or cheese pumpkins, often available in autumn at farm stands and specialty markets. See the recipe for Light Mussel and Pumpkin Soup »

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Oregano-Hazelnut Pesto

Basil and oregano add herbal brightness to butternut squash, browned butter, and hazelnuts in a sweet-savory pasta dish. Get the recipe for Butternut Squash Ravioli with Oregano-Hazelnut Pesto »

Seasonal Squash Tart

Get creative with the topping for this tart, which will help to really stretch leftover squash and other vegetables. Store-bought puff pastry makes a simple dish even simpler. Get the recipe for Seasonal Squash Tart »

Farro Risotto (Farrotto)

This wintry risotto relies on farro for its springy, al dente texture to contract the soft, rich roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, and sage.

Chicken with Pumpkin Seed-Tomatillo Sauce (Pollo en Pipian Verde)

This classic Pueblan sauce is made with pumpkin seeds and tomatillos. Get the recipe for Chicken with Pumpkin Seed-Tomatillo Sauce »

Pumpkin-Chickpea Curry

With warming notes of curry and cinnamon, this hearty vegetable curry is perfect for a cozy meal. Get the recipe for Pumpkin-Chickpea Curry »

Butternut Squash and Smoked Mozzarella Pizza (Pizza del Papa)

Antonio Starita, the owner of Pizzeria Starita in Naples, served this butternut squash-topped pizza to Pope John Paul II.
A brown butter sauce complements toasted walnuts, roasted butternut squash, and baby kale in a rich pasta dish that perfectly captures the flavors of fall.

Chickpea Stew with Lamb, Pork, and Veal (Cozido de Grão)

Chickpeas are bolstered with spicy sausage and three kinds of meat in a filling stew served at País das Uvas in Vila de Frades, Portugal. Get the recipe for Chickpea Stew with Lamb, Pork, and Veal »
Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry
This vegetarian Indian dish from the state of West Bengal features squash, potatoes, and gourds enriched with ghee and sweetened with grated coconut. Gently spiced with clove, cardamom, and cinnamon, it gets a touch of heat from green chiles. See the recipe for Ghanta Tarkari (Mixed Vegetable Coconut Curry) » James Roper
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