30 Ways to Love Avocados

These avocado recipes are more than just garnishes or salad toppings

bySAVEUR Editors| PUBLISHED May 21, 2018 8:00 AM
30 Ways to Love Avocados
Photography by Farideh Sadeghin

With the rise of picture-perfect avocado toast, the buttery green fruit has taken center stage in produce aisles and on social media. But fanatics like us have always loved avocado as a versatile ingredient that's perfect for any kind of recipe (brownies! breakfast sandwiches! soups!). You'd think that we'd suffer from avocado fatigue, but we don't. We were here before the avocado trend, and we'll be cooking with the stuff long after.

Avocados are creamy and rich and bolster the thickness of any dish they touch. Go beyond using the fruit for garnish or a topping and make avocado recipes that highlight the natural creaminess. Avocados are great in tons of spring vegetarian recipes as the fattiness of avocados help make for a more filling dish. We love using them to thicken up spring soups, as well as in traditional Mexican recipes and Texan recipes like tacos, soups, and quesadillas. Need to get through a ton of avocados? Learn our trick for how to dice an avocado in 10 seconds and then go make the best avocado guac you've ever had. We've rounded up our favorite avocado recipes to use up the rest of your avocado haul.