Gourmet Recipes for Breakfast in Bed

Our Test Kitchen-approved plan of attack for an easy but elegant breakfast in bed

French Baked Toast with Cream and Eggs

French Baked Toast with Cream and Eggs

This classic French meal of baked, cream-soaked toast and eggs is deceptively simple (and scalable) but lavish. Named for the Alpine region of Bresse, which is best known to the culinary world for its exceptional chickens, the dish is practical country cooking at its finest. As it bakes, the cream soaks into the bread and thickens to a rich sauce right on the platter, resulting in a savory French toast. Get the recipe for French Baked Toast with Cream and Eggs »Matt Taylor-Gross

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  1. The night before, load up on an assortment of fresh winter citrus. Juice some blood oranges, whip up a batch of simple syrup, and chill the Champagne for the cocktail. Bake the crumb cake before bed and leave it out at room temperature overnight to cool.
  2. Set a few thick slices of soft white bread out, uncovered, on a baking sheet overnight. Stale bread works best for this savory, baked French toast.
  3. The flat white is a popular Australian alternative to the latte. It uses less milk with very little foam. If you don't have an espresso maker with a steam want at home, mimic the drink by brewing espresso-strength coffee in an Aeropress or stovetop moka pot, then frothing warm milk with a whisk or mechanical frother.
  4. While the eggs are baking,
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