10 Ways to Make Better Cranberry Sauce

Chunky or smooth, all-natural or just like the can, an option to please everyone

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, you probably have strong opinions about how dishes should be prepared. That definitely includes cranberry sauce (or jelly, or relish, what have you). Like politics, sports, or what to do about your drunk uncle, everyone in your family likely has a (loud) opinion about which rendition they hold as the standard. From whole berries in a zesty sauce to a molded version that's only missing the signature can ribs, here are 10 options that can guarantee peace at the feast.

Roast your cranberries

Roasted Cranberry Sauce
Skip the stovetop and let the oven works its magic on your cranberries. Here, they're roasted with orange zest, jalapeño, and spices, then finished with orange juice and port. Get the recipe for Roasted Cranberry Sauce »Jenny Huang | Food Stylist: Laura Rege | Prop Stylist: Vanessa Vazquez

Add nuts

Cranberry-Walnut Relish
Raw cranberries and earthy walnuts are transformed into a tart, fresh condiment for turkey. Get the recipe for Cranberry-Walnut Relish »Farideh Sadeghin

Add oranges, peel and all

Cranberry Relish
This bracingly tart relish is the perfect foil for a rich Thanksgiving spread. Whole pieces or orange flesh and peel add just the right amount of texture. Get the recipe for Cranberry-Orange Relish »Matt Taylor-Gross

Pickle the fruit

Pickled Cranberries
Pickling takes the natural sweet-tart nature of the cranberry and amplifies it. Get the recipe for Pickled Cranberries »Nicole Franzen

A sophisticated ginger chutney

cranberry-ginger chutney
This sophisticated take on cranberry sauce, laced with spices and plenty of fresh ginger, gets a boost from chopped celery and tart apples. Get the recipe for Cranberry-Ginger Chutney »Todd Coleman

Pair cranberries with autumn's other best fruit

Apple-Cranberry Relish
Sautéed garlic and onion, plus a little bit of salt, add a savory note to this sweet-tart relish, which gets its body from the natural pectin in the poached, puréed cranberries. Get the recipe for Apple-Cranberry Relish »Ingalls Photography

Cranberries loaded with herbs

Minted Cranberry Sauce
Mint leaves make this otherwise classic cranberry sauce fragrant and refreshing. Get the recipe for Minted Cranberry Sauce »Helen Rosner

A subtle boozy option

brandied cranberry sauce
If the standard is a little too simple for your taste, add black peppercorns and brandy for spice and something more intense. Get the recipe for Brandied Cranberry Sauce »Helen Rosner

The homemade sauce for those who love the can

Cranberry Sauce
No Thanksgiving feast is complete without cranberry sauce—forget the canned variety and make this recipe instead. The smooth, molded beauty that results will have your aunt saying, "I didn't know they made cans that look like bundt molds!" Get the recipe for Cranberry Sauce »Vanessa Rees

Or go loose

Whole Cranberry Sauce
This looser sauce gets a double dose of citrus from orange and grapefruit. Get the recipe for Whole Cranberry Sauce »Vanessa Rees