Ham gets the star treatment in these 11 amazing recipes from SAVEUR magazine. Tempting flavors include apricot-ginger glazed and pineapple-chipotle glazed. Traditional ham favorites brown sugar, mustard, honey, and cloves are present, too.


Savannah-Country Ham

This magnificent roast is simmered in beer before it’s baked-a practice favored by cooks in Savannah, Georgia. As with any country ham, this preparation calls for soaking the ham (in this case, in both water and brewed black tea) before cooking it to remove excess salt. See this Recipe
The New York City-based cookbook author Zarela Martinez gave us the recipe for this smoky, chipotle-spiked, Coca-Cola-glazed ham. See this Recipe

Apricot-Ginger Glazed Ham

This recipe comes from Chris Williams, the chef of Lone Star Barbecue & Mercantile in Santee, South Carolina. See this Recipe

Fresh Ham with Honey and Cloves

This feastworthy dish, based on a recipe in Pork & Sons by Stephane Reynaud (Phaidon, 2007), calls for fresh ham, a succulent cut from the pig’s hind leg that yields crisp skin and juicy meat. See this Recipe

Mustard-Glazed Christmas Ham

This is how the Swedes do Christmas ham.
See this Recipe

Roasted Fresh Ham with Orange Glaze

Oranges, with their clean, acidic spark, are an excellent foil for the ham’s rich taste. Get the recipe for Roasted Fresh Ham with Orange Glaze »

Baked Country Ham

A southern staple during the holidays, this salt-cured ham is coated with a deliciously sweet and crunchy glaze. See this Recipe

Monte’s Ham

This simple recipe makes a tasty ham. See this Recipe

Country Ham

A whole country ham may start out tough and moldy, but this recipe tames it into delicious submission. See this Recipe

Roasted Fresh Ham with Orange Glaze

Fresh, unsmoked ham makes a delicious roast. See this Recipe

Fresh Ham with Red Chile Marinade

Fresh ham is a particularly flavorful but underappreciated cut of meat. See the recipe for Fresh Ham with Red Chile Marinade »