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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We've rounded up our top ideas for food- and kitchen-related gifts that mom will love.

Rosé Champagne Gift Set

What’s not to like about bubbly rosé? This set of three bottles, all fruity but varying in sweetness, make a lovely gift for a wine-loving mom. Rosé All Day Champagne Gift Set, $135 for 3 bottles from Fat Cork

Acrylic Tart Server

Choose from a rainbow palette of colors and give your mother a playful version of the old fashioned tart server. See the full review » Acrylic Tart Server, $20 at

Mexican Clay Cookware

Impress your mother with a unique piece of handmade and hand-painted clay cookware made by contemporary Mexican artisans. See the full review » 6-quart Cazueula con Tapa, $56 at

Combining the fun of a swizzle stick with the utility of a standard tea infuser, this stick tea brewer is a great gift for any tea-lover. See the full review » Tea Stick Infuser, $25 at

Brushed Gold Serving Utensils

These brushed gold serving utensils from Italian flatware company Mepra dress up any dinner party, and make an impressive gift set. Mepra Brushed Gold Serving Utensils, from $39.00 at Gretal Home

Meet the beurrier, a countertop pottery crock that keeps butter as fresh as the refrigerator (an airtight water seal prevents spoilage) yet soft and spreadable. See the full review » French ceramic butter keeper, $35 from Food52.

Stainless Steel Milk Frother

Audacious good looks, smooth, creamy foam, and no batteries required: Just set the carafe directly on the stovetop to warm the milk, then pump the frothing mechanism by hand. See the full review » Stainless Steel Milk Frother, $20 at

ThermoPop Thermometer
Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer

This brightly colored, sleek, multipurpose thermometer has a huge display. When checking the temp on any item, the final degree pops up almost immediately. See the full review » ThermoPop pocket thermometer, $29 at

Sold in sets of four, the towels plays off the fad of butcher charts that label different cuts of meat on an animal—but instead of a pig or cow, each design breaks down a different vegetable into imagined parts: the “scrag” of the carrot, the “loin” of the eggplant, and, my favorite, the “chump” and the “picnic shoulder” of the cauliflower. See the full review » Set of four vegetable chart kitchen towels; $58 at

Fashioned from antique silverware repurposed for a modern use, each sturdy, beautiful marker is unique and individually stamped with all the right notes to hit on a perfect cheese plate: bleu, cheddar, goat, brie, Gruyère, and parm. See the full review » Vintage cheese markers, $33 for a set of six at

Lacquer Hexagon Tray

Brighten up breakfast in bed with a geometric lacquer tray from Jonathan Adler. Lacquer Hexagon Tray, $175 at

Christine Ferber Jams

With confections ranging from whole sour cherries to caramel-apple confit, Christine Ferber’s handmade French jams are worth the splurge. Read the full review » Christine Ferber Jams, from $18 at

Coconut Bowls

Vibrant bowls made out of reclaimed coconut shells are great for keeping prepped vegetables in place or act as perfectly-sized snacking bowls. See the full review » Coco Mini Bowl, $14 at

Clay Casserole Dish

Chamba’s hand-crafted Colombian clay casserole is lightweight, easy to handle, and makes a charming presentation for one-pot dishes. See the full review » La Chamba Medium Casserole, $59.99 at

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