Show Some Love for Cornbread

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on April 17, 2020

Gascon Sourdough Cornbread (Pain de Méture)
Gascon Sourdough Cornbread (Pain de Méture)

Corn is prevalent in Gascony, France, where it’s used to feed the region’s famous foie gras ducks. It’s also the star of this pain de méture, a Gascon cornbread made with sourdough and baked in a cast iron pan. This cabbage-leaf-lined version from New York-based baker Kamel Saci was tested by Saveur contributor Kate Hill, a cook and cooking instructor in the region, who loves the crispy bits of cabbage that sear around the bread’s edges. Saci’s recipe uses a mix of sourdough starter for leavening and acidity and leftover fermented bread dough (pâte fermentée) for added depth of flavor. “I make a basic bread dough with my own sourdough starter, using starter, flour, and water,” Hill says, “My starter was well developed, but I also add a small amount of dried yeast as it’s important to have a vigorous dough to support the cornmeal mix.” For hurried home bakers who might not have several stages of preferments at the ready, Saci suggests substituting a good pre-made dough purchased from your local bread bakery or pizzeria. In France, Hill enjoys her pain de méture with soup, such as a garbure, and also with some Mont D’or cheese. Get the recipe for Gascon Sourdough Cornbread (Pain de Méture) »

Jalapeño Corn Bread

Skillet-cooked corn bread is a popular vaquero (Mexican cowboy) side dish. Get the recipe for Jalapeño Corn Bread »

Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies
Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies

Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies

Sea Salt Ice Cream with Cornbread Financiers
Sea Salt Ice Cream With Cornbread Financiers

These are an elegant, restaurant-style nod to the hunks of cornbread typically found on Thanksgiving tables. Get the recipe for Sea Salt Ice Cream With Cornbread Financiers »

Brigtsen's Jalapeño Shrimp Cornbread

Baked and served in individual ramekins, this spicy seafood cornbread has a spoonably soft, luscious texture. Get the recipe for Brigtsen’s Jalapeño Shrimp Cornbread

Piquant Corn Bread
Piquant Corn Bread

Jalapeños and cilantro punch up classic cornbread.

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