Our Best BBQ Main Dishes To Cook This Summer

Summer is cookout season

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on May 22, 2018

When the first days of summer hit, we can't wait to fire up the grill and have ourselves a cookout. There's no better way to cook a meal than outside over an open flame. Many people will just throw some store-bought hamburgers or hot dogs over the fire and call it a day, but the grill has much more potential than that. from baby back ribs to lobster, we've rounded up our favorite recipes for grilled main dishes.

One of our favorite things to cook on the grill is a rack of ribs. The question is whether or not to use sauce. We think both preparations are delicious. Our Memphis-style ribs are cooked with a flavorful dry rub containing cayenne, cumin, paprika, and other spices. Our Kansas City-style ribs, on the other hand, are basted and served with a sweet and spicy ketchup-based sauce.

Chicken, beef, and pork might dominate barbecues, but seafood belongs on the grill, too. Thick, hearty swordfish steaks hold up to open flame well, and a light mango salsa makes them super summery. Lobster is perfect for grilling—the shell protects the meat from the heat. Slather it with a cilantro-chile compound butter and let the butter melt into the shell, essentially poaching the lobster as it grills.

Don't let the vegetarians at your next cookout go hungry. We love grilling veggie burgers, like our black bean burger with cumin, paprika, coriander, and both poblano and chipotle chiles or quinoa burger with carrot, celery, arugula, and beans.

Find enough dishes to keep grilling all summer in our collection of bbq mains dishes.

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